Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Little Artist

Today we took a trip, outside of Pittsburgh, to pick up this little art desk that we found on Craigslist!

Alexander, my youngest son, absolutely LOVES creating! He is very imaginative and just loves to tell stories, paint, and color! I wanted to give him his own little creative space, and I always loved this desk made by Step 2. It has a place for all of his supplies and the top of his desk is a dry erase board that lifts up for additional storage!

Each side and the back of the desk has additional storage for his coloring books and tablets.
He spent the remainder of the day just being creative!
Here he is using the dry erase desktop! The best part was that this desk only cost $30 and it was in near perfect condition! There were no marks on it and it was super clean!
I think he is an awesome artist for only being three-years-old! Here is a picture he drew of me! He is drawing at the level of his older brother!

So while Ben is at school each day, this is probably where Alex will be spending his time! But that's ok, cause I like to be creative too!

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Kirby3131 said...

That's a great creative space! He'll have a lot of fun, that's for sure.

Kristin _ The Goat