Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie Monday-Intersection

Sorry that I'm a day late with my movie review. Because of the holiday weekend, I was very very busy. But late last night I stayed up and watched the movie "Intersection." It's from the year 1994, and also stars Sharon Stone.
This movie was a remake of an old French movie. I should have figured that it would suck! lol

As you can see I didn't like the movie. Richard Gere plays a married architect who is having an affair. He struggles with which life he wants...that with his wife, who is also his partner, at his successful Architect Firm...or his mistress whom he really loves.

Just when he thinks he knows what he wants, it all changes at an intersection.

I think the reason that I didn't like this movie was that the whole movie was made of flashbacks. That in itself wasn't bad, what was bad was that the flashbacks were all out of sequence! lol

It wasn't so much as confusing, but stupid really! It reminded me of a Lifetime Movie. Actually most Lifetime movies are better than this one! I wouldn't really waste your money renting this movie. If you have Netflix though it is an instant movie to watch right now.

I give it a 3 on the Richard Gere hotness rating. I don't like his mid-nineties look....again too much like Fraggle Rock!

Hopefully next week's movie won't be soo bad!

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