Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Giveaway Time!

Hi everyone!

Nights in Rodanthe happens to be my all time favorite Richard Gere movie! I have never cried like that before! Who can resist Richard Gere? I know I can't! A loud weeping cry wanted to escape from me in the movie theatre, but I held it in and cried silently instead! This resulted in sore throat from all the sobbing! It was the first time that I could really relate to a character in a movie so perfectly!

My husband and I had a long-very deep conversation after the movie because we related to the love that the two characters shared in the movie! I don't want to mention to much...because I don't want to spoil the movie for those of you that hasn't seen it yet!

I've been super excited about the release of the dvd.....not only can I now cry as loud as I want in the privacy of my own home, but it's released the day before my birthday! Yeah...Happy Birthday to me right?! I already told my husband that I want an early birthday present. I would prefer Richard Gere, but I think the movie will do! Besides he's busier with other things right now like freeing Tibet!

So...in honor of Valentine's Day and a truly incredible movie I want to giveaway "The Nights in Rodanthe" dvd! I will pick the lucky winner on the morning that the movie's released:
February 10th!

All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post, and tell me what movie really makes you cry!

Have a great night and GOOD LUCK!

Ruth Ann


Kelli said...

I'll have to look for you 101 list. It was hard! But I'm glad I did it because now I have something to reference and stay focused.
Ewww, about the vomit. I hope he stays well or at least holds it in till you hubby comes home.
Oh and The Color Purple makes me cry. Love that movie.

Carrie said...

Include me I really want to see it I can't resist a love story!

Kirby3131 said...

Happy Birthday (next week) - the movie that made me cry pretty uncontrollably was "The Notebook" - I was living in a cave or something and had no idea it was a tearjerker and I was a puddle on the floor by the end.

I love Dianne Lane & I'm pretty fond of Richard Gere, too. This looks like a keeper!

Rambling Girl said...

I have heard of this but never seen it though....

Let's see favorite movie that made me cry...gosh right at the moment I can't seem to think of one but there are many I cry at....will come back when I can think of one.

Happy Early Birthday but I will be back on your day next week to remind you it's your day!

echoeve said...

I am sure you will get alot of response about this. So, I am going to say one that I don't think anyone else will say. I really cried when I saw the movie 'Eye For An Eye' with Sally Fields. oh how I cried. When she is on the phone with her daughter talking about the party and the doorbell rings and the daughter opens the door and the bad guy starts doing bad things to the teenage daughter and the ice crashes to the floor and the daughter is sceaming and the mom is in a traffic jam and can't do anything and the mom starts running down the street banging on the windows asking people to dail 911.
What a moment. As I am writing this I am seeing it play in my head. I was very upset.

This would be a great 13 thursday on my site. I think I might do that.thanks,

jenjen said...

What a great idea! I read that book a few times before the movie came out and I loved the movie. I just barely watched it!

Have a happy day!


Tam said...

Did you read the BOOK? I read the BOOK but did not see the MOVIE. I cry easy...I bawled like a baby over WE ARE MARSHALL. I cry over all love stories. I cried during GREEN FRIED TOMATOES...OO back to my orginal thought..I heard that the MOVIE WAS MUCH BETTER THAN THE BOOK.

I will say a happy Birthday early to you and that is the SAME day as my Husbands Birthday...HMMM better think about a gift for him. I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY and you get exactly what you wish for!!!!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Ruth Ann! Please count me in, Sweetie! I have not seen this movie, but would LOVE to! Here are some movies that make me cry with an ache in my heart that won't go away...

The Bridges of Madison County
The Color Purple (the end!!!!)
The Power of One
Life is Beautiful (once you get past the subtitles you can't stop watching!)

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and almost Happy Birthday, too! Maybe I can time your PIF gift so you can get it for your birthday!!:) Lori

Shannon said...

Loved that movie. I cried too. It might be easier for me to tell you what movies I have NOT cried in! :) One that gets me every time though is The Patriot.

cyndie said...


Christine said...

I think this is a Nicolas Sparks book that this movie is based out of...all Of Nicolas Sparks books/movies make me cry!!!! I cry every Time I read his book, A walk to Remember, and the Notebook! I can't wait to see this one, I didn't know it was coming out on DVD already...can't wait to see it.

Amber M. said...

I haven't seen this one...count me in!

I always cry during Steel Magnolias. Always.

Mabry's Gamma said...

Love Stories or sad animal movies get to me.

I just saw this advertised last night and it looked good to me.


Betsy said...

Oh...let me think. The Notebook gets me of course...doesn't it get everyone. Also, Pearl Harbor and also Legends of the Fall. Every stinkin' time.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hey,,,count me in. What a thoughtful thing to do, especially since it's YOUR birthday.
Hope it's a happy one!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

P.S. I cry at the movies all the time, but I watched 'Ray Charles' tonight on TV for the first time. It sure made me cry when he was in Rehab and saw his mom and little brother (who, both, had already passed away). It was very touching.
AND...I don't expect this to be a 2nd entree. : )

Jes said...

ooooh! What a great giveaway!
You trying to hold back your loud cry made me laugh because I am the same way!! So on with your question, what movie makes me cry? WHat movie DOESN'T make me cry?! lol! Let's see...the LAST movie to make me cry (last night) was The Family Stone. Love it. :)
Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!! :):)