Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poor Little Dixie

My poor little puppy Dixie isn't feeling well. She has a Urinary Tract Infection! A couple days ago I noticed that she was squatting in the house several times. And this was unusual for her, because ever since we got her she would go to the door and go to the bathroom outside. When I took her outside I realized that she was squatting every couple of feet. I figured the following morning I would call the vet because this seemed like a health issue. So the next morning we woke up and she had blood in her urine!

The vet asked us to bring in a urine specimen. What???? "Ok Dixie go into the bathroom and take this little cup and give us a sample!" lol How on earth is that possible?
With a little creativity, we managed to get a sample and sure enough she has a UTI!

It was a rough night for me last night. She was up every hour to two hours wanting to go outside. And she'll spend several minutes squatting and squatting and squatting! Poor little thing! I feel so bad for her because I know what it's like to have a UTI. She's on medication now for the next 10 days, so hopefully she'll get better soon!

And she is such a sweet little thing. As sick as she is she still is extremely patient with the boys, and still runs and chases after Allie in the yard! We are soo lucky to have her! It's like a new little adventure and is like having a newborn all over again! My first son was up every two hours for feeding so Dixie reminds me of that! Otherwise, she is doing great!

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Have a great weekend everybody!

-Ruth Ann


Carrie said...

oh I hope Dixie is feeling better soon! I have a Dixie too she got in a fight with a cat now her little eye is all swollen.

Betsy said...

Oh...poor Dixie. What a good mama you are.

Kirby3131 said...

New babies always need a bit of attention, even fur babies. How sad for the poor puppy (and of course you all!) I do hope it all clears up quickly.

The picture is adorable!

Sandy Toes said...

Poor puppy...what a sweet sweet picture!
-sandy toe

Jes said...

What a sweet pic!
Hope poor Dixie feels better soon!