Monday, August 16, 2010

Movie Monday-The Buddha

This weeks movie review is sort of different. Instead an actual movie that Richard Gere stars in, I'm going to review a movie that he narrated. This movie is called "The Buddha."
This movie is a PBS movie that aired on April 7, 2010 and was directed by David Grubin.
Basically this movie is about the life and death of the man known as The Buddha. This movie really simplifies the Buddhist religion and is a very interesting movie to watch whether you follow the religion or not.

I actually started getting interested in Buddhism several years ago before I even liked Richard Gere. I'll blog about that journey in a few days. But my husband, who is Catholic, got caught up in this movie today because the story telling is awesome and so is the artwork and animation.
As I said Richard Gere narrates this movie, and I could just listen to his voice FOREVER! So certainly that helped with my ratings! lol Besides being narrated by RG, there are many interviews with many scholars. And even some thoughts from the Dalai Lama.
The movie is two hours long and right now it's an Instant Movie download on Netflix for those who are interested. I totally recommend watching the movie, it's a great story and RG's voice is an added plus! ;)

As I was blogging about this tonight my son asked me why I kept staring at this statue of the Buddha! lol It has been on my screen as I was typing my blog post. He asked me to tell him about the Buddha, because he is use to seeing the image around our house, but wasn't sure of the story about him. So tonight I told him as basic as I could about Buddha. And he wanted to know even more! Does anyone recommend any good books for children regarding Buddhism?
I looked on Amazon and they have a ton of books, I just don't know which to choose!

I better get going, tomorrow is a really busy day for me! We have Kindergarten orientation and dental appointments for both boys! I need to get some sleep! Have a great week!

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