Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie Monday: Mr. Jones

This week's movie review is of the 1993 movie "Mr. Jones."
Richard Gere plays the character known as "Mr. Jones" a man who is manic depressive. Mr. Jones is a very charming man full of energy at one moment and totally depressed and suicidal the next.

Mr. Jones is hospitalized when he first meets the beautiful psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth 'Libbie' Bowen (played by Lena Olin). Mr. Jones has a habit of not taking his medication and his life begins to unravel. He does a bunch of crazy things and that puts him into mandatory hospitalization.

Dr. Bowen is his doctor and the two of them begin to form a relationship which eventually jeopardizes Dr. Bowen's career. Will she lose her career for Mr. Jones?
After one of his crazy behaviors this is Mr. Jones strapped down to a table ready to be medicated. It is ironic though...this is probably the same photo that I would take with my camera if RG was at my house! lol ;) HA HA!
Favorite quote of the movie:
Dr. Bowen: "Mr. Jones, you have a disease. Manic-depressive disorder. Its like having diabetes."
Mr. Jones: "No sh**! And here I thought I was just having a bad day!"

Sorry for the short review. This was just an ok movie in my opinion. Definitely worth watching, but not one of my favorites.

I give it a Richard Gere hotness rating of a 5. Yeah I know...a low rating...what is wrong with me?! lol But in the early 90's he had that long shaggy hair that made him look like one of the muppets on Fraggle Rock! lol And that is not attractive to me. His hair was gray, which is a plus so maybe I'll bump the hotness rating to a 5.5! :)

Other than that it was just an average RG movie...not great and not bad either.

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Kirby3131 said...

I had never heard of this movie before, but I liked RG looking like a Fraggle Rock character LOL You are too funny.

Kristin - The Goat