Monday, August 30, 2010

Movie Monday- First Knight

Today's movie review is of the 1995 movie "First Knight."
Richard Gere plays the character "Lancelot," and Sean Connery plays the character of "King Arthur." To be very honest with you this is the second time I tried watching this movie, and it's sooo hard for me to pay attention! lol I don't like "knight" or "pirate" movies so I cannot concentrate while watching it! lol

To me it's like watching a foreign movie...without subtitles! lol But from what I have watched and understand...Lancelot (Richard Gere) rescues Guinevere from a runaway carriage. He quickly falls in love with her, but she is soon marrying King Arthur (Sean Connery).

Guinevere is kidnapped and Lancelot rescues her again and takes her back to King Arthur. King Arthur is impressed by Lancelot and gives him a space at his "Round Table" at his kingdom of Camelot. Guinevere, who is struggling with her feelings for Lancelot, gets upset when he decides to leave. They kiss goodbye passionately as King Arthur walks in and discovers them. Then this is where it becomes blurry to me lol....both Lancelot and King Arthur declare their love for Guinevere. Somehow they are both put on trial and a character of "Malagant" comes to Camelot and wages War.

It ends with King Arthur dying and telling Lancelot to take care of her (meaning Camelot and Guinevere).
I am so sorry for the confusing movie review, but I couldn't follow this movie easily. It's not the movies fault, it's just that it's not my kind of movie to watch! lol

I normally don't like the shaggy hair RG look! It's what I call his "Fraggle Rock" look, but for some reason in this movie it really works for him! I think it's his sword fighting skills or how he looks very dirty and unkept...but it sooo works! lol

I give him a 6 on the Richard Gere hotness scale! I love the fact that he knows how to use a sword & he rides and rescues her on a black horse!
Here is one of my favorite clips from the movie. You can watch it here.

I totally recommend this movie, if it's the type of movie you like. I just get lost when I hear words like "Round Table" and "Camelot" and things like that! lol

Make sure that you check out my post's Richard Gere's 61 birthday! :) I have a funny post tomorrow for you to read! ;)

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