Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We sure did! This year's Halloween theme was "Star Wars!" I of course had to be "Princess Leia!" Since I'm still not feeling well, I didn't feel like wearing her signature white dress. Instead I opted for a long sleeve white t-shirt with a winter vest over top! It's quite chilly here!
Alex dressed as Darth Vader, and Ben was a Storm Trooper! We got dressed a little early, so we went outside for a little photo shoot! Here we are ready to trick or treat!
Princess Leia was captured by Darth Vader and his Storm Trooper! The storm trooper (Ben) told me that if I escaped while he was trick or treating that he'd shoot me with his gun!
Every princess has to have some gas station coffee! lol I LOVE gas station coffee! And I drink at least 2 if not 3 of these a day!
Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween! I love Halloween and I will greatly miss it! I guess I'll start planning for Halloween 2011!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Day of the Fall Soccer Season!

Today was the last day of soccer for Ben for the Fall Season! I'm a little sad that it's over for the year, but in a way happy because the temperatures are getting colder! Today was a tournament, so he played two games.

Ben loves playing soccer, and is always so happy to play! He's really good on defense, but this season he has proved to be a goal scorer! It's so funny to watch him at his games, he has so much energy and just jumps and bounces around...even when the ball is NOT in play! lol
There are some beautiful farm lands near the soccer area that you can see from the photo! It is so beautiful (especially in Fall), and reminds me of a painting!
Here is Ben and his little "girlfriend!" She was a classmate of his from his "old" school. And they missed each other soo much! Today she informed me that Ben just has to attend her birthday party in a few weeks! She is so cute!
Here is Ben's team with their trophies!
Ben was excited about his trophy, but more excited to go and play on the playground after his game!
We're looking forward to the Spring 2011 season-which starts after Easter. Alex will finally be able to play soccer! And both Ben and Alex will be on the same team! I cannot wait!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall/Halloween Party!

Today was Ben's Fall Party at school! I was so thankful to be able to help out at the party, because now that he's in public school you can sign up but that doesn't mean they'll pick you to help! Last year he attended Catholic School and they were very lenient with their school parties...the more that attended- the merrier! But public school is a whole different scene!

Here is Ben and a couple classmates enjoying their snacks!
I bought each child a pumpkin to decorate. Here is Ben's pumpkin. He said it's an Indian.
I had to get a photo of me and my new Halloween t-shirt! I just LOVE's my favorite holiday! So here I am with the boys. I think it's funny that they wouldn't put their Wii controllers down for one minute to pose for the photo! lol Silly boys!
Unfortunately I am still sick. All my running around today really made me feel worse and feverish! Why is it that I am sick for every single Halloween? Well at least I was for the last four years! Hopefully I am somewhat better before Sunday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend was really beautiful in South Western, PA. It was in the low 70's which is unusually warm for this time of year! But I'm not complaining! ;)

We thought it would be the perfect weekend to visit the pumpkin patch and get some Fall photos!

I always like to dress the boys alike since they are so close in age. I don't know when I'll stop! lol

I use to be the type of person who has said. "I can't believe people dress their twins alike! They are individuals, not the same person!" Then I had kids and that went out the window! lol

Two reasons why I like dressing them alike. #1 It makes for a nicer photo when they are in coordinating outfits. And #2 when you are at a zoo, an amusement park or other busy place, you can instantly pick them out in a large crowd. They are very easy to locate in a quick glance.
We had such a great time at this particular pumpkin patch. When you pay for your admission, they give you a big bag of marshmallows that you can roast on one of their outdoor fires! There were a couple of corn mazes, and the hayride dropped us right off at the pumpkin patch where we could pick our own pumpkins! It was sooo fun!
The boys didn't really like the corn maze. They were a little scared! I don't blame them because I was too...just a little bit...especially when the wind blew! Have you ever seen the movie "Children of the Corn?" Need I say more! ;)

Here they are at the entrance of one of the mazes. The wouldn't go into this one! I did but I couldn't find my way out! I had to backtrack!
Here's the one that they went through. At one point Ben started crying! He was so frightened!
And this happens to be my favorite photo! Of my three LOVES: Ben, Chris, and Alex! I couldn't ask for a more perfect family! :) I just love them soo much!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall! Hard to believe that Halloween is less than a week away!

I'm Sick!

I have been sick for the past few days! All I have been doing is lying in bed watching scary movies and snuggling with my dog Allie! Photo evidence is below! This has been my view lately, since I spend the majority of the day in bed!

I am postponing "Movie Monday" until next week. Even though Richard Gere movies are what makes me feel better when I am ill, my brain is too foggy to review any new movies. I'll have to go to my standby feel good movies like: Nights in Rodanthe, Pretty Woman, and Runaway Bride!

A girl cannot watch enough Richard Gere movies! RG to me is like Vitamin C! ;)

Anyway I am in need of some Vitamin C, so I'll probably spend tomorrow in bed watching some of my favorite movies while I recover!

More posts to come in the next few days!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Movie Monday-Cotton Club

I know, I know....I've been a really bad blogger and I apologize! Ever since school started with my son, life has become so hectic. Plus the Fall soccer season started and there are practices, games, and homework for school! Up until recently, it has felt extremely hard just to keep up with the everyday tasks of life!

I organized my house, totally. I mean cleaned closets, organized, and packed away the boy's summer wardrobe. I use to live in CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome). But now that my house is clean, anyone can stop over anytime and I'm not rushing like a mad woman and hiding stuff in closets and under the bed! lol

Now that I am totally organized, I am finally ready to focus on some "me" time...including this blog! The past couple of weeks I've been focusing on my art and it finally feels good to create again! I'll share some of my work with you in the next couple of weeks. I also want to stock my Etsy shop so I can earn a little extra money for Christmas!

So onto Movie Monday! This week's review is about the movie "Cotton Club." It is from 1984 and stars Richard Gere (of course) and a very young Diane Lane. It also stars Gregory Hines, a young Nicholas Cage, Laurence Fishburne among many others.
The movie is about the Cotton Club, a famous club in Harlem. Richard Gere plays the character of Dixie Dwyer. He is a musician who plays in a band and happens to be at the right place at the right time...or so he thinks. He saves the life of a well known gangster and because of this he gets wrapped up in the gangster's life...which is a life of crime. Once he's in, he finds it very hard to get out!

Diane Lane plays the character of Vera Cicero, who is the gangster's girlfriend. It is one of Dixie Dwyer's jobs to keep her entertained for his boss.

As I said it is about a famous jazz nightclub called "The Cotton Club." Gregory Hine's character auditions to be one of the club's entertainers and he makes it in! If you have never seen Gregory Hine's perform, it is worth renting this movie! His tap dancing is amazing! There is a lot of jazz music, dancing, and's really entertaining.

I was actually dreading watching this movie, because it is so old and it's not a typical Richard Gere romance movie. PLUS, he is young in this movie and if you have read my blog you know I prefer the old man Richard Gere! lol But I was very surprised, it was a great movie to watch!

I give this movie a Richard Gere hotness rating of a 7. The movie was to depict the olden days. The days of the flappers. I have been trying to see what era this movie was from, but I can't find any info. Anyway, I rate it a 7 because I love the ways men dress in the olden days! Very sophisticated! And plus RG plays a few instruments in this movie and that makes him super sexy as well! lol

A little RG factoid: He is a pianist and writes his own music. He wrote and played the piano piece in Pretty Woman. If you notice he plays many different intruments in different movies, and it's really him playing them!
It is an instant download right now if you have Netflix so you may want to try it out! Also you can view a clip of the movie here. Just remember to turn my music player off of the right hand side of my page.

More posts in the next couple of days so be sure to stop back! Have a great week!